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Asset Management

Our Approach

CNB Financial Services' provides provides acess to independent, objective and well-informed investment advice and portfolio management for public sectors, charitable institutions, institutional clients, business clients and individuals. We are dedicated to providing you with an investment strategy that helps you reach your goals. We offer independent research, without obligation to outside financial companies, for strategy impelementation. That is why we are completely objective in the strategies we recommend. We have a strong history of thoughtful innovation coupled with a dedication to managing in a conservative manner and preserving principal.



Clients value our fundamental approach to evaluating markets through rigorous research, which gives us informed views on sourcing new ideas and solutions. With broad and deep industry experience, our professionals use sophisticated modeling techniques and active management to structure investments that reflect our clients' individual appetites for risk. Most important, the decisions and investments that we implement are solely for the client's benefit. 



Our clients are at the center of every decision we make. Our goal is to forge lasting relationships grounded in trust and collaboration. Clients consider us a strategic partner and an indispensable extension of their teams. On behalf of our clients, our best minds collaborate and share knowledge, drawing insights from our collective experience in the industry.



Our approach to investing is discliplined and straightforward. With a focus on value creation, we help invest opportunistically within our areas of expertise and manage them proactively. At CNB Financial Services we have offered access to wealth management and insurance for over 20 years. We have a proven history of exceeding clients' expections in an ever-changing market environment.


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